Raising Those Who Raise Our Children


Showing You How You Can Be A Happier Mum, Your Authentic Magic Self, Heal Ancestral Lines And Make The World A Better Place For Our Children

So You're An Mum & You Have A Dream To Make Your Home A Happier Home, The World A Place Where It's Ok To Be Who You Are, Magic Is An Everyday Thing, Emotions Are Understood, Meth Isn't A Thing & Child Abuse Is A Thing Of The Past? Cool, Me Too!

You are different. Me too. You dream about a world where children are allowed to grow up being who they are. Where the world is accepting and understanding of differences. Where emotions are understood not pushed down.


A world where you had confidence to show up as your true authentic self.


Hey there, I am April Broomhead, your friendly neighborhood witch, and I have this dream too but it took me a long time to learn how to empath in a world full of emotions. I was sensitive to pain, every bodies pain and because of that I found myself losing my sense of self.


I am an energy in motion coach who for the past 3 years has specialized in conscious family dynamics, meaning, all the moving parts that make a home a home. I show people how to use their e-motions as power rather than pain so that parents can stop suffering with mum guilt and children can feel like they are accepted and belong. 

Without safe environment's, we can not prevent the darkness.


From my lived experience, I have come to understand that confidence isn't learning how to not give a fuck about peoples judgements. Confidence is doing the thing anyway irrespective of whose watching, whose whispering, whose gossiping and whose wanking.

Everybody wants the freedom to express and discover who they are without the fear of abandonment and rejection and confidence allows us to do that.

Its about the happy school mornings, the fun road trips, the help with the housework, the appreciation for the work you do in the home. Its about letting your little ones tell you about the arguments they had with thier friends and being able to support them. Its about smiling at them and having inside jokes. Its about movie nights and popcorn, mothers day drawings and the moments your heart bursts with pride. 

Its about the everyday magic.

  • Confidence allows you to show up as YOU and to have confidence means to have emotional intelligence and self awareness.

  • To have the ability to observe e-motions and view emotions as messages to respond to.

  • To be able to respond rather than react.

  • To not feel so rejected or unloved when someone doesn't get you.

  • To heal the feelings of betrayal, jealousy and hatred.

  • Imagine a world where our mothers and papas knew how to BE with our children's E-motions.


  • A world where raising ourselves whilst raising them was normal.

  • A world where we felt safe to express rather than suppress.

My Intention Is To Guide You Back To Your

Natural  State Of  Intuition & Nurture

Here Is How We CanDo The Thing

Lets Bring Out Your Natural Magic


-Are you giving away too much of your time and lacking boundaries, if so, what we can do to interrupt this pattern.

-What does your home life look like, lets see what rituals, routines and values are working for you, and what are not. We can reverse engineer what works in your unique scenario so that you feel better rested and more capable.

-Are you an undercover lightworker pretending not to know, feel see or hear things? I can support you with letting go of fear and aligning with the true light so that you can walk in faith that feels creative, beautiful and right for you.

-Do you dream of becoming a oracle reader, healer or circle facilitator. Together we can ensure you are standing on solid ground whilst you step out into the space of energy and navigate the unknown realms and dimensions.

- Learn how you can manage overwhelm and stay out of anxiety overload. Nobody wants to be the fallen healer. I will show you how to view your emotions as messages rather than enemies and you will begin to respond to life rather than react to life.

-Find clarity on what you want in your life and what you do not want and then find the courage to let go of what you no longer require or desire. With new found space you can finally bring in the things you have been trying to manifest.

-Uncover beliefs that tell you you are not good enough to step into a higher calling so you can expand and have a higher capacity to give and receive.

-Learn a value system that supports you with being your true self and keeps you accountable to becoming your best version. Once you know who you are you will walk with confidence and feeling fraudulent will be a thing of the past. 

-Reparent yourself, connect with your inner child and know what your intuition actually sounds like and are able to set safe spaces for people to release trauma and activate gifts.

-Implement empathy and identify the difference between helping and supporting, empathy and sympathy. This one thing alone will support you  in letting people make their own mistakes in life and releasing the burden and worry that many empaths and lightworkers take on.

-Be a better parent by learning how to speak clearer, raise standards, let go of authoritative parenting, introduce boundaries and be with their big emotions. Raise yourself whilst you raise them.

There is not much I do not cover. I do not consider any topic tapu and off the table. If sexual abuse comes up for healing, we go there. If you have hatred and jealously to reconcile, lets understand it. 

I am not certified by any government system and I contract to the realm, not humans. I choose who I work with based on attitude and willingness. There will be the odd occasion I may suggest a larger support team such as getting a lawyer, a specialist in addiction therapy, a traditional doctor, a hands on healer close to you etc.


The only promise I will give you is that if you show up and stay in the work, your life will completely change. 

Remember That Impossible Dream That You Had? Now Is The Time To Answer The Calling And Take Action! Wishing Will Not Get You There.

Your next to step is to show up in one of my offers, be it face to face healing or online on a group session. Keep an eye on my instagram stories as I often show up in side other leaders spaces working magic around the community.

Simply head to the beginning of the page and choose spiritual school offers or coaching offers. 

The minute you get clear on what you require and desire and put action behind it, your world will begin to change. 

It's Your Move. Make It.

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