Be YOU with April Broomhead

Confidence isn't learning how to not give a fuck about peoples judgements.

Confidence is doing the thing anyway irrespective of whose watching, whose whispering, whose gossiping and whose wanking.

Confidence allows you to show up as YOU. Work with me so we can activate you!

You were born with a natural magic inside you; 

NOW is the time to let that shine through.


My Purpose

I don't want any child to feel lonely and I equally don't want any parent to feel like a failure.

2020 is the year of the 4 and as we see structures we used to believe in, fall apart, I am here to empower families to bring sirituality into their homes. 

I am here to support you raise yourself

to raise them.

You are not alone. I am here with you.

Highlighted Offers

Mind, Body, Emotions and Soul - All Dimensions

Intuitive Counseling
Bonfire in Sand



Clarity - Connection - Courage

Foster a deeper connection to thy self which in turn enhances your ability to connect with others. 

You will become more aware of what makes you tick, how to break patterns, communicate more effectively & be with your childrens emotions. 

Spiritual School

Bi Monthly Intakes

The light exists in you already, is it time to feel it?

Through these teachings you will be able to learn how to understand and apply spiritual work into your life so that you can SERVE the world powerfully, whilst being the everyday human that you already are.

Tune In To Your Gifts

Intentionally For You Products

Follow The Guidance

 Ill psychically read your energy, or that of the person or object that the product is intended for, to tie it all together including the colors, the words, the intention, the creation time and the strength of the potion.

I'll create products for your house, your friends and loved ones, for you and for businesses and Ill do it as if you were my best friend.

Greetings Fellow Earthlings!

This is Me, I Am April

In the beginning I wanted to honor my souls contract and arrive on this planet and in true Aries fashion, change the world. I came out early, in a hurry and without a second guess.

If you were to ask me what changed, what had me decide to withdraw from my mission and submit to life's wicked ways and allow myself to get to the point of 'how does one tie a noose' twice, I would tell you it was because I couldn't change the people I loved the most. I couldn't fix others, I couldn't make them treat

me the way I needed to be loved. 

How could I change the world when I couldn't even get through a menstruation without wanting to rip my uterus out?

Screw the princess and the pea, this pea, made no difference.

At 6 my mother and father split and my mother got lost, she never found her way home.

I ran from home at 15 hitchhiking 6 odd hours out of town, with strangers.

By 16 I had attempted suicide and was in an extremely violent and abuse relationship.

Age 17 I wanted to die and absolutely attempted it, only being alive because my bf, who had been drunk asleep, woke up and punched me in the face and lifted me out of the noose. I had been gone, in the dark and surely would have succeeded if he had not felt like getting up to hit me.

By 18 I had had multiple black eyes, chipped teeth, been pissed on while I cried and hovered in a corner, strangled multiple times to the point of stars in the eyes, punched in the back of the head until I was knocked out and I felt like a piece of shit. 

(I get a little bit sad when I write this because all I wanted was to feel loved, anyone...someone.) 

By 19 I had 8 convictions, a new bf, an angry attitude, a hatred of men and had had my ex locked up. 

At around age 30 I realised I was unhappy, unaccepting and not able to accept the path my husband was on. I was a mum with a 18 month old baby and I remember saying to myself, I PROMISED I WOULD BE A HAPPY MUM!


What are you going to do April?

If you were to ask me what trauma I have experienced, I would say fuck all...because I compare.

To yours. To his. To hers. And the empath in me struggled to let me live. The empath in me, that did not know how to discern my energy from anothers, had a hold over me.

And so, I kept trying. I tried everything. To the point I lost myself. I went to sleep each night thinking I was a terrible mother, a horrible fat wife (at a whopping size 10 ffs), an even worse friend and a poor excuse of a human. And yet, I kept trying. I did all the things. All the things. 

You see for me, when I choose to love, to make a promise, I choose it forever and my worst nightmare was not of such horrific things but of simply being divorced. I could not believe that I would be okay on my own.


I am now eligible for divorce from the man I met at 19 as a scared weak angry stubborn girl to whome I chose to father my child and my miscarried baby, the man I vowed to always be open and honest to and whose last name I took on, the man, the only man, I have ever been faithful to, the man I brought 2 homes with and owned multiple multi million dollar businesses with...the man I would have followed anywhere. 

Until the day I realised that this, this was NOT the life I signed up for. 

Alas, the letting go journey was the journey I needed to walk to find The Girl In The Mirror

And so, when it began to fall apart and I began to walk my dark night of the soul.

I purged and died a thousand deaths. I was an empty shell of myself and I cried every single day for about 18 months. I raged. I got depressed. I was anxious, frenzied, scared, lonely, jealous, and plain mortified. 

How the fuck was this my life? How was he with her, someone who could be so nasty and devious. How was this happening? What went wrong? Why aren't I good enough. It's all my fault. 

I fell to the earth and cried and asked God to take me out of here, take me home.

I asked that if he refused to have a truck run me over, he better fucking bring me support or I would jump:

I meant it.

This is where it all changed. I prayed for support and before I knew it I was being coached by my now dear friend, Emile Steenveld.

So what is my story? I rose. And what did I rise for?

Because I keep my promises and honor my contracts.

I came here to serve and lead my people. I promised my unborn child in 2010, that I would be a happy mum and fucked if I was going to break that promise. 

I came here to stand in the light after walking the night.

 I AM here to show you HOW to make your stand.

It's not mess when its creating. Turn th


I believe we can always choose to do better and as we rise, so too will thy neighbor.

I believe that empathetic parenting starts with knowing who the fuck WE are.

I believe conscious parenting is raising them, whilst raising us.

My vision is showing parents that judgements don't matter, all that matters is BEing with our children's emotions and fostering their safety whilst they learn.

I believe conscious parenting is raising them, whilst raising us.

I AM April and I am your friendly neighborhood witch, allow me to ignite your weird!

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