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“When i was looking for a life coach I knew I needed a great coach, April Broomhead is that person, she is beyond what i could have asked for. I worked with April Broomhead for a year and her support, wisdom and belief in me was beyond invaluable. Aprils unique approach to coaching helped me improve my confidence and self-love. Succeeding forward with more love than anxiety in my personal and professional life ”

-Melissa Barry | Bowen Therapist

Bespoke 1:1 Coaching

Bespoke means customised. 1:1 means it's you and me only. Private coaching is for the person who is looking for a dedicated support person.


If you are seeking








Then coaching may be what you are looking for. I am an intuitive coach so I combine the brain and the heart, the emotions and the spiritual. 


We meet via an online video application and the frequency is usually weekly or fortnightly. The subscription packages will tell you more. We choose a plan together based on what you can commit to and where you are in your life right now.



Bespoke Coaching Plans

Joel Brown


You're an action taker, you aren't afraid to do the research or to speak up and ask questions. You're witty, I love your humour I think its one of your super powers. 

Sarah Kelt


April really is committed to guiding her clients in a way that is supportive, but also firm, to ensure they get results or clarity around their issues.

Emile Steenveld

Emotional Intelligence Coach

I think you are extremely powerful. I like how you think from both sides before you even give a response, like you look at it from different angles before you go 'nope this is it', which shows emotional intelligence. 

Chantelle Williams

Meditation Teacher

You're very very intuitive April, you are powerful. Your questions, your structure, the way you flow from it. Fantastic. You underestimate your power. Your absolute flow. You're like the mama of the group, the salt of the earth. So thank you April, I appreciate you. 

Feedback From Industry Leaders
People I have learnt from and with.

Ok so there is coaching, there is healing and then there is me, coaching and healing.

I am going to attempt to put words to the experience, however, it is best that you just book a call and experience it for yourself.


The consult is free and designed for us to decide if we want to establish a coaching relationship. Apply here.

The coaching relationship is super important because we both have to trust each other. I share personal things with you, and you with me. 

Coaching is intimate. Meaning, you open up and as your trust in me grows, you open up even more and say the things you usually keep hidden. You say the things you think are shameless and embarrassing. You bring your shadows to the light. 

Coaching is really me querying you on your life, thoughts, emotions and beliefs and then establishing a direction for you to work on to change the energy of your life. 

How Intuition Benefits Our Sessions

Coaching - Brain - Exploration

I will use my tools and abilities to tune into you and allow us to move deeper faster.

I will access, as and when it comes about, 

-Clairvoyance means clear seeing, 

-Clairaudience means clear hearing,

-Clairsentience means clear feeling,

-Claircognizance means clear knowing,

-Clairalience means clear smelling.

I also communicate with the unseen. 

I do not offer psychic services. I do not use any of these things to enable you.

Everything I do is to empower you to connect with your own gifts. Your own knowing. Your Intuition. 

It is still on you to do the work. 

I Work With All Sorts Of People

➺Some have no current breakdowns and just simply want to play a BIGGER game. 

➺Some are wondering why they aren't completely satisfied with life. 

➺Some are having relationship struggles. 

➺Some are having private panic attacks behind closed doors and are seeking human connection. 

➺Some are just plain overwhelmed and anxious looking for tips and tools to get organised.  

➺Some have no issues and just simply want to play a BIGGER game. ​

All just want their own personal go to person to be the grounding space the rock amongst the chaos.

It's For Those Who Need A Confidant

➺We all want that 1 person who doesn't let us get away with our bullshit and guides us to level up, to keep our agreements, to be in integrity and play the game even better than we have been. 

➺We all want that person who understands us and who we can sound board to with no repercussions. 

➺We all want that person who is subjective and has our best interests at heart. 

➺We all want a coach!

Ready. Aim Fire. 

How would you dance if you believed you could dance? How would you live if you believed you could live? 

A Snapshot Of The Things We Can Cover

Are you giving away too much of your time and lacking boundaries, if so, what we can do to interrupt this pattern.


What does your home life look like, lets see what rituals, routines and values are working for you, and what are not.

What are you like with intimacy, where does it lead back to and how can we rewire you for deeper connections.

What past messes need cleaning up?

Are you actually living out your dreams right now?

Are you challenging yourself or are you comfortable right now?

Find clarity on what you want in your life and what you do not want.

Uncover some of the beliefs stopping you from going next level.

We will create action plans for you to move forward.

Go deeper with your top 6 values that can guide you through life

Find ways to develop your intuition.

Implement empathetic parenting practices if you have children.

What sort of boss or leader are you and where can empathy make a difference?


* You will be learning firsthand from someone who has actually done the work I encourage you to do
*I have owned and run a multi million dollar business
*I have hired and fired loads of people
*I have worked in network marketing
*I've sold real estate
* You will have access to me and a level of commitment that is reserved for my private clients
* I will teach you everything I know (well I will try)
* I practice what I preach
*I combine modalities
*I don't accept working with just anyone, so if you are accepted, I'm committed
*I know people in the industry who I bounce off
*I continue to invest in my own learning
*I will actually give a fuck about you