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How Spiritual Sessions Work With Me

Sessions with me are intuitively led, meaning there is a framework but it is different every-time.

Once you book in things will start to align for your best growth. 

What I mean by this is that you may notice emotions (energy in motion) rise to the surface. You may start to notice or remember things that you usually don't. 

During your session I will provide insight and techniques to assist with healing. Some sessions I am manipulating and transmuting energy and others it is more of a guided journey or reading. It depends what comes up for you.

This is divinely guided, as is the music and the atmosphere.

Most people will have a combination of guides, spirit animals, ancestors, passed loved ones show up to either gawk at me, be with you or assist and guide. 

Every single session is different. 
For that reason I can't paint a picture for you, but what I do know, is the healing happens irrespective & the picture becomes clear on the session. 



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