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Raising You Whilst Raising Them

Shes fire mixed with soul, shes rebel mixed with heart, shes beauty mixed with laughter. Shes is sass. She is boss. She will fall. he will cry. And you bet your arse she will slay. She will change the world. She is the daughter you are raising. ​

Conscious Parenting

A true intimate connection with our children is what truly inspires life.


Conscious parenting, showing my daughter how to ground into the earth, connect into her intuition and be herself in this world. Guiding her to have enough self worth that she knows that blow jobs in alley ways is not love.

Childlike states teach us what its like to truly just be, surrender, receive, forgive, play and trust. I believe the children are the future and I believe that through my connection with my daughter together we will show other mum's and daughters how to connect and parent their way through this very different time on our earth. My daughter is my one true inspiration.

When was the last time you looked into the depths of your child's eyes without either one of you squirming away?


"Just want to say I’m loving the empathetic parenting one! I don’t have kids but still so relevant and loved the one about getting them to see from your point of view! Very cool"

-Briar Barry | Conscious Homes Now Feedback

Whats In It For You

Foster a deeper connection to thy self which in turn enhances your ability to connect with others. 

You will become more aware of what makes you tick, how to break patterns, communicate more effectively & be with your childrens emotions. 

How many of you feel pressured by society to be a perfect mum? How many of you feel like you are being judged on the daily by ‘better’ mums? And how many of you, be honest here, judge other mums on the daily?
So how may of you would like to learn a few tips of how to be the perfect mum in today’s day and age?
Great. If you’re still reading, you must have said yes to the last question!
My name is April and I’m just a girl, a mum, being me in this world. What I want to share with you today is some tools and tips to guide you towards being the mum that you want to be and learning to fuck opinions.
Am I a perfect mum? No. Do I swear? Do I yell sometimes and not listen. Yes. Do I sometimes sleep in and buy an artificial lunch on the way to school? Yes. Shit I even sometime still feed my kid on noodles for dinner. Am I late to assembly’s? Do I spend too much time on my phone? Do I get frustrated and wish there was an off switch on her voice box? Yes. Yes to it all. I am not a perfect mum.

So what. Shoot me. 

You know who I am perfect to? Perfect for?


My kid. That little girl who smiles at me in the morning and says ‘good morning mummy’. The kid who strokes my hair while I’m asleep. The kid who still wants to hold my hand down the street at just under 7 years of age. The kid who will run to hug me and tell me everything will be fine during my long tortuous separation with her father. The girl who taught me that I should be speaking to myself, the way I speak to her. With love.

Yeah, that’s who I’m perfect to. And guess what, that’s good enough for me. And you know how I know that I’m doing a perfect job with her? Well, I quite simply listen.

Me: OMG look at me I’m so fat I look so gross
Addison: Mummy!! You do not look fat and you are not fat.
Me: Do you really mean that?
Addison: Mama, its what’s inside (points to her heart), not what’s on the outside, that matters. (Smiles at me and has doe like eyes).
Fuck yeah I won the parenting jackpot. How lucky am I to get a kid like this?

No. False.

Luck has nothing to do with it. It took 4 years to get pregnant. Lots of trials and tribulations but one thing I have down pact.

I feel my kid. I connect with her on a soul level. I know when she’s hurting. I know when she needs me. And I know when she’s ungrounded.

And that my dears is what I call the perfect parent. ​

About The Perfect Mum Lie

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Conscious Parenting Frame Work

Our 4 Modules


Being together in a group allows you to learn off other people through observation. 

It also fosters connection as you begin to see you are not alone in this journey.

Group sessions bring more learning and we can use each other as accountability and support. 

The 6 sessions will be held fortnightly and based around THE FIVE AGREEMENTS - Don Miguel. 

There will be homework via transformational exercises and mindful practices.

You will be taught practices, tools and techniques as well as coached to discover deeper understandings of your own.

Don't Take Anything Personally

In this module we will go deeper with how we are triggered, our belief systems, stories and natural parenting styles.

This is the conscious parenting module.

We will touch on generational wounds and healing and how to pause so we can RESPOND not react.


This is the healing module. 

Be Impeccable With Your Word

This module will include how to communicate effectively to foster deeper understanding, cooperation, contribution and connection.


We will talk about tone, yelling, insults, complaining and passive communication vs aggressive and assertive.

We will also cover boundaries & value setting.

Always Do Your Best



This module will be about managing emotions starting with yours and it will be more around how we get to the point we feel suffocated, useless, flustered, mum-guilt and the likes.


We will also cover how we can look at every meltdown as a learning opportunity.


This module is all about empathetic parenting. 


Don't Make Assumptions


Inside this module we speak about living inside of the question.


How to listen.


How to paraphrase.


How to allow space.


We will also cover expectations

Everything is energy and we have an opportunity to show our children how to be peaceful warriors, how to work the energy, how to stay tuned in and not hide away their natural knowing.