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Energy In Motion Mentor Specializing
In Relationship Dynamics

Be YOU with April Broomhead

To Be Ourselves We
Must First Be In
Allowance Of Self

Trust isn't about another person keeping their word to you, 

Trust is knowing that irrespective of what those around you are doing, saying or being that you have your own back.

Trust starts and ends with your relationship with the girl in the mirror.


Meet April

Use Your Emotions As Power Not Pain

April Broomhead is a new age transformation coach, lightworker, light leader, healer & spiritual guide who supports people to close the gap between the unconscious and the conscious.


April specializes in showing people how to use their emotions as power rather than pain so that no parent has to feel like a failure, no child needs to feel alone & families can stay connected.

April uses her healing and sensing abilities to tune into what a client needs and is able to pull from her tool-belt of skills to direct a session intuitively. She will lovingly call you out on your shit and guide you to taking responsibility for your transformation.


She believes her souls purpose is to bridge the gap between the unconscious and the conscious homes by working with people who are ready to start walking in their purpose. 

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You Were Born With A Natural Magic Inside You



I believe we can always choose to do better and as we rise, so too will thy neighbor.

I believe that empathetic parenting starts with knowing who the fuck WE are.

I believe conscious parenting is raising them, whilst raising us.

My vision is showing parents that judgements don't matter, all that matters is Being with our children's emotions and fostering their safety whilst they learn.

I AM April and I am your friendly neighborhood witch, allow me to ignite your weird!

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