Choose Your House

Do you ever feel like your home isn't your safe

space? That it is sometimes too much work and the white picket dream life isn't possible for you?

Come inside and have a look at my home and what is on offer today, it may be intense programs or shorter sweeter courses. 

Enter here if you are ready to make your house a home.

Our home says more about our life than we realize. Lets get that tidied up.​

You Are The Heart

How Do I Make A Home

Conscious Homes

Finding Time For Me

Overwhelm & anxiety comes when we battle

time and energy.


We want to make time for ourselves, but we don't feel we have any time or space. 

Step inside and I will show you how to action self-care, self-acceptance and self-love. 

Inside this house we cover things like anxiety, connecting and accepting the self, making tie and space for ourselves.


You can only love externally to the extent you love internally.

Say Yes To You

The Girl In The Mirror

Self -Love In Action

Being a parent is such a huge honour but it

doesn't always feel that way does it?


Sometimes it feels overwhelming, unsatisfying and like you are fucking it all up. 

Maybe it isn't that terrible, maybe you just need support...

If you are looking for a deeper connection with your children then come inside. 

You know what you do matters, you just aren't sure exactly how to change your parenting style.

Parent Consciously

How Can I Be A Better Mum

Conscious Parenting

These offers will be spasmodic and based on what it is you are asking for. 

Keep an eye on instagram stories for announcements and read the blurb for details. 

These offers will be power sessions, deep focus on 1 topic and give teachings and coaching mixed into one. 

Usually I will run a follow up session a week later as well. 

Think values, vision, faith, emotions and all things that we require to know who we are. 

See you in there. 

Deep Dive Sessions

-Self Exploration

1 Off Focus