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April is a transformation coach and light leader who supports people through group and privately facilitated mentoring.

April's unique experience in multiple industries allows you to collapse time and take effective action that closes the gap between wanting and doing.


Aprils background in emotional intelligence coaching allows her to understand deep rooted emotions that keeps you stuck in behaviors that drain your energy and prevent you from making your next level up.


April's true gift is in the ability to see through timelines and guide you towards your highest path  whilst empowering you with self coaching tools.

You can work with April by joining a face to face group circle when it is offered, business consulting, private mentoring or hands on healing.

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“When i was looking for a life coach I knew I needed a great coach, April Broomhead is that person, she is beyond what i could have asked for. I worked with April Broomhead for a year and her support, wisdom and belief in me was beyond invaluable. Aprils unique approach to coaching helped me improve my confidence and self-love. Succeeding forward with more love than anxiety in my personal and professional life ”

-Melissa Barry | Bowen Therapist

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