The 3 Options
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Warm Embrace

The warmth of the arms around you. Of being held. 

How does it feel to be held?

What is the feeling of a mothers bosom or a mans chest?

This is the option of the heartbeat.

LAUNCHDSC_5022-2 (1).jpg

What does sharing breath feel like? How do you feel about being this conneted with another human?

What is oneness?

This is life force that is bigger than us.

Holding Hands

What does holding hands feel like to you? 

Whats the emotion that comes when you think about holding hands?

What is the unspoken words inside the holding of hands?

This option is simplicity.

Hi, I'm April
And this is my intention for
for you


My intention is to channel products that support you whilst you are seeking clarity, working on connection & becoming more courageous

I will infuse the products with the energy that best serves your current healing layer, so that you don't need to feel so alone while you do the mahi. 

I may not be there in the physical with you, but the care, nurture, magic, inquisitiveness, support & love will go into every product to let you know that someone out there is literally thinking and creating, just for you.

Specially made just for you and/or, your home. 


Coz You Are Not Alone

The Story Behind The Product

When I found myself lost and inside a deep dark hole of confusion, bewilderment and anger, all I wanted was somebody to be there with me.


To not feel so alone.

I found myself creating bath salts, learning about aromatherapy & intuitively creating concoctions that would soothe me whilst I cried and healed and let go of everything that once was. 

I remembered that when I was a child one of my dreams was to go to a candle making factory as I was obsessed with making candles. I used to pour wax things all the time in my bedroom and Granny used to let us make candles all day long in the holidays.

Now I do hands on healing, coaching, teaching, woman's circles, visualizations & guidance readings, and finally I've decided to let my witchy out to play. 

Every single one of these hand made products will be made with me asking source to connect you with your guidance team in the living and in the non-physical, so that you can feel less alone.

Ill use clairalience to choose the aroma that will support you most for your highest good. Ill use clairvoyance to create the journey inside the creation and medium-ship to choose the product. Ill psychically read your energy, or that of the person or object that the product is intended for, to tie it all together including the colors, the words, the intention, the creation time and the strength of the potion.

I'll create products for your house, your friends and loved ones, for you and for businesses and Ill do it as if you were my best friend.

Welcome To Intentionally For You