1:1 Private Coaching

Work With Me & I Guarantee Your Life WIll Change

Me + You = Growth

Ok so there is coaching, there is healing & then there is me, coaching & healing. Guiding & advising. Mentoring, encouraging & working in alternative states.

It is best that you just book a 1 off healing session, join a group or do a power coaching session & experience it for yourself.


Our coaching relationship is super important because we both have to trust each other.

I share personal things with you, and you with me. 

Our sessions are intimate.


Meaning, you open up and as your trust in me grows, you open up even more and say the things you usually keep hidden.

You say the things you think are shameless and embarrassing.

You bring your shadows to the light. 

I Want To See Beneath Your Beautiful

My intuitive healing work focuses on healing layers of the physical pane - your mental, etheric and emotional body so that you can access your higher vibrating bodies. (Mind, Body & Soul) Heal the 3 mental bodies known as 'Mind' and the rest will fall into place.


We work on the mental body to rewire thought such as

-Belief systems

-Past life links

-Repeating patterns

-Meaning making & stories


Some of these stories are ancestral, past life and some are current life.

We work on the emotional body by learning how to





-Let Go


Healing the mental body allows the emotional body to work as it should, a messenger.

We work on the etheric body through

-Channeling source energy

-Spiritual practices

-Hands on healing when possible


-Distant healing


Of course you must work on your actual body body by using movement, drinking water, touching yourself, using oils and  eating well. 

Using my empathic abilities I guide the direction of each session so you have a clear strategy and layer to work through.

Please proceed through the doors below if you are willing to commit yourself, show up for yourself and allow yourself to heal. (Pricing is coming)

Going Inside Of You