Forgiveness Is For Me

Yesterday I had a short convo with a friend about forgiveness. She told me she was going to write a forgiveness letter for her mum and for someone else. (My bad, I forgot who).

I wrote back to her and told her that I have never written a forgiveness letter for anyone else since I was 19.

She was surprised, like huh? Hasn't our coach told you to do forgiveness letters?

Yup. He sure did. To me. Always to me first.

One time I wrote a letter outlining all the filth I wanted to say to my ex, but I named that a FUCK YOU letter and now teach it to others. I don't classify it as forgiveness. I classify it as anger therapy.

So here is my point.

My belief is that energy does not lie so therefore we must first forgive ourselves before we expect another's forgiveness or to give forgiveness.

Read that again.

I believe forgiveness is an energy.

And as you have heard me say before, YOU change, Others change. It is law. It is not possible for you to change and nothing around you to change. This is why its so damn important that you focus inwards.

It was never about them. Sure felt like it. Definitely if you were deceived, overpowered, betrayed or misunderstood.

But nope, it always comes back to us. To our energy.

And that my friends is why you need a coach to guide you through the cleaning up of the mess you harbor inside your soul. (Because naturally, you will keep trying to make things external to avoid the internal pain)

Full moons up next week, this is THE most powerful time to do forgiveness work. If you want a session over this moon period DM me to book in.

Let go of what you soul wants you to let go of, so you can bring more greatness into your life.