Fuck You To The Man Letters

The letters. You know the ones you write but never give to a person.

That's what I'm talking about. Writing a letter to someone to tell them of all the ways in which they have angered you. The reason why, well, fuck them!

So how do we move through anger? Hatred? Resentment?

We say we are ready to let it go yet our bodies say bullshit and our hands tighten around that rope. We stand at the edge of that bridge and we say 'Dare me not to jump". We use the anger to give us power, strength, boundaries. We use it to say, 'The fuck away from me. Not today arsehole". We drink and have casual sex treating other people like sacks of meat. We snort drugs to lose our inhibitions. We eat to excess and put our bodies into sugar overload. We use anger to pretend we have it under control.

So what about when we are done with it. When we realise its barricaded us from speaking through love. That we can not be love whilst we are being with anger. Anger is devoid of love. Hatred is devoid of love.

What about when you have chosen to step forward out of the masculinity of anger and inter the femininity of sadness.

We are ready to write that letter. Bye bye anger, hello sadness.

Well. Let me clarify a couple of things first.

  • 1- You may not get to release it all in one go. Sorry. It may take a few goes.

  • 2- It wont look the way you think it should look. Its not pink guys and there are no unicorns

  • 3- No one will praise you for it

  • 4- It may hurt. How much, and how long is up to how much you surrender

  • 5- You will try to distract, run and hide from the feminine sadness when she shows up.

  • 6 - Everyone experiences emotions in a different order because of the way they are stacked together in an emotional cocktail. You may feel anger then sadness, rage then envy, joy then depression. You may feel apathy (nothing)

Express all your feels .No one else should bear witness to this. For a few reasons.

Energy released is for the universe to transmute it into love. It is not to be weighed on another empaths shoulders. It is not to be spoken of over and over and swam in. It is to be taken from your mind, through your hands and out of your body. Once you are in a more accepting state you may like to look into boundaries and conversations.

Please do not use sex, alcohol, food or anything else after this to make yourself feel better. If you are sharing your energy with anyone else directly after this ask yourself if this is soothing or using them to feed you

Your letter can be to one person, thing or experience or to multiple. This is not a letter where you write the things they did well, or justify the things they did. This is a purely fuck you letter. This is to pour out the feelings and thoughts you have that align with anger and hate. Vomit it onto that paper. This is not the time to pretend you don't have these thoughts.

So here's the rules

  1. The universe is in charge here

  2. Do not control anything. It is about surrender and release

  3. Your eyes only

  4. You may like to pray, or set an intention. "God, please allow me full expression and to guide me to the way that best serves me to release anything that is holding me in a low vibration. Please take the negativity and transmute it into love"

  5. Be alone for at least 2 hours, ideally the night.

  6. Put your phone away

  7. Do not fuse with the story. If you get mad, shake it off, step back, drink some water and go again

  8. Start how you like, but ideally use the most common fuck you phrase in your head. eg: I hate you. I despise you. You make my skin crawl.

  9. Keep it moving, we are expressing thoughts and emotions not the story.

  10. Keep it going until you break down in a soft cry that is coming from the softness of your heart

  11. Allow all the feels to come up to the surface in your body, and then allow them to come out through your hands, your eyes, your breath

  12. Whilst in the soft feminine sadness, acknowledge her. Notice that its been some time since you felt her and know that she is a step higher in the vibration ladder to fulfillment. She is your nurture. She came to emotionally hug you and tell you that she will never leave you.

  13. LET HER IN. Sit with her. Let the hot tears come out of your heart.

  14. Ask your higher beliefs to transmute all the negative energy into love