How To Earth Your Child Using The 4 Elements

Mind. Body. Soul.

We need all 3 of these to truly be present and balance out our time here on earth whilst we experience what its like as a soul being a human.

All things spiritual. Crystals, Sage, Astral Travel, Energetic Residues, Grounding. These things are real, believe it or not. And in order to ground ourselves onto this earth pane we must learn to acknowledge and manipulate energies.


Living in 2018 is not the same as living in 1988. Our children don’t spend the same amount of time outside, they don’t spend as much time in natural water or connecting with children. They spend a huge amount of time around technology, stressed anxious parents and fast moving energy.


This is the element that is our pace of grounding. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. It gives us stability and strength whilst maintaining flexibility. Connecting to mama earth is where we go to feel at home and feel in place inside our physical bodies. It helps us to become more in tune with our bodies and to get out of our heads.

  • Suggestion: Take your children to the river, the lake, a bush walk or even just a paddock. Talk about the nature that you see. Allow them to feel. Play some music if you like. And where possible get them to walk barefoot or stand in the water.

  • Suggestion: Teach your children to ground into the earth by standing still with eyes closed and imagining they are a tree. Imagine there are beautiful colourful roots coming from their feet into the earth, that it connects onto a gorgeous crystal about half a metre below the earth and then goes all the way through until it connects with a warm orange colour.


Water is nature and it flows. It satisfies thirst and it cleanses and purifies. It releases and represents emotions. It goes around obstacles and continues to flow. Without water we can not survive.

  • Suggestion: Baths are such an excellent source of cleansing and grounding. Place some Epson salt, rock salt, baking soda and essential oils into a warm bath. Try Lavender, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, sandalwood, Myrr, Patchouli or other earthly plant type oils.

  • Suggestion: Allow your child to cry and say silly things or over-exaggerated things for a moment. Tell them you understand. Tell them that it must be sore for them. Tell them you see how upset they are. Try not to fix the situation for the moment, just allow the emotions through. Once they have finished, hold them or cuddle with them. And then where possible send them off to the shower to let the water cleanse them.


Breath is the flow of life.

  • Suggestion: Teach your child to breath if for 2 slow counts, hold for 1 count and then breath out for 2 slow counts. Do it with them. Place their hand on their tummy and close down the eyes so they can connect with their breath.

  • Suggestion: Head down to a windy area and run through the wind with your child. Let your hair blow in the breeze and breath in the air while feeling the earth beneath you.


Fire is about passion. Energy. Manifesting. Action. The sun provides vitamin D so remember to allow the sunlight on your skin.

  • Suggestion: Light a small candle at bedtime and play a meditation that incites imagination and manifesting magical journeys. Place red and orange coloured crystals along the child’s body whilst they fall asleep. Also use oil blends for calming, protection and intuition.  

  • Suggestion: Do a vision manifesting board with your child. Use magazines and crayons, pastels, felts and teach them to close down their thoughts and draw whatever comes to mind. No analysing and no pre-deciding what is to be drawn. This is the essence of intuitive creation.

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