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Feminine Alot of us are soccer mums. We have gotten so great at doing that we have lost touch of our feminine side. The being. Learning to recognise that we are not in danger, we are safe to just relax and be, can truly change our family dynamic. Heres some ways we can get in touch with the divine feminine, the Being.

How to action this

  • Honor your sexuality as sacred - Knowing that you hold a feminine power that is yours to choose to share with the right man, sends a feminine glow through your body that men find irresistible. Flirt don't tease. Boundaries and sacredness. Allow yourself to be chased by the masculine. Do not chase the man.

  • Move your body in a feminine way. This is related to the higher chakras. Walking in nature with mama Gaia, swimming in the water, stretching in yoga, dancing in your underwear, these sort of movements allow the flow in your feminine.

  • Sleep in the nude and honor your nakedness as a woman.

  • Listen to soft romantic music

  • Spend time with other woman just talking and being. No solutions. No planning. Just listening to how each other feels.

  • Breath slowly and deeply while you orgasm. This allows the orgasm to deepen and for you to connect inwards with your feminine power, the creation inside you on a higher level.

  • Allow people to give to you. Receive. This may be simply a man holding open a door for you. This may be someone offering to hold something heavy for you. To bring the milk inside for you. Allow the masculine to support you. This is a feminine trait, receiving support. Or better still, it could be accepting a friend to make dinner for you, pay for your lunch or a man to take you out on a date.

  • Intuitive creation. Get the paints out and paint with no idea what you are painting. Let your intuition guide the way. Write a poem, just let the words flow onto the paper. Creation is feminine. After all, we do create babies inside our wombs.

  • Flowers. Decorate your space with fresh cut beautiful flowers. Bring nature inside.

  • Create a fluffy romantic place to relax and read in. Or meditate in. To just BE in. Think pinks and light gray cushions, cream or ivory, soft gold clearings. Soft. Fluffy. Homely. Candles. Oil burning. Crystals. Basically a cocoon for. Take the time to relax.

  • Decorate your bedroom with sensual art. Beautiful abstract couples making love in soft sepia. Sensual and sexy.

  • Practice presence. Notice what you can smell, what you can see, what you can hear and touch. Femininity is defiantly about the being. And presence is exactly the art of being. In the hear and now.

  • Choose kinder nicer words. Yes we all like to have a punch in our voice but listen to the two different energies of this sentence. "Hello, its so lovely to see you today. I have been thinking of your beautiful face" or  "Hello!! Fuck its good to see you! I've missed your face". Soft descriptive words with pause and a soft tone.

  • Accept compliments. This is part of receiving. And learn to flirt. To smile softly with your eyes, to gently toss your hair, to tilt your head to the side when listening to a man. Flirt.

  • Learn to walk gracefully. Slow it down, walk with gentle purpose. Poise and demure. Think of the woman with the baby in her arms. Its gentle and exudes love.

  • Nurture. Make time for hugs. Think head on the bosom of the breast. Stroke their hair. Gently touch their cheek. Kiss the forehead. Gently stroke their arms or back. Make chicken soup. Bake some cookies. Run a hot bath. And as always, a cuppa tea and a listening ear. Sing soft nursery rhymes. Kiss the children goodnight.

  • Compliment and have impeccable manners. Thank the waitress while smiling at them genuinely. Tell the bus driver his eyes are nice. Collect smiles. Be the breath of fresh air, the ray of sunshine. Appreciate and notice what other people do for you.

  • Compassion and empathy are feminine traits. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to support you in your time of grief. Should you need an ear to listen to, you know where I am. Listening is the greatest gift you can give someone.

What it looks like

  • Soft curls, hair down - think chin and eyes slightly down, hair in the sunlight with big soft curls, warm colors. Think plaits and flowers. Daisy chains.

  • Flowly materials, girly colors like pink, lavenders, plums, apricots - Think florals. luxurious, feminine fabrics like silk, chiffon, velvet, satin, cashmere and lace

  • Long skirts and dresses - think flow and twirl. Think bohemian, flow mixed with lace.

  • Soft pink lipsticks - think pretty lips. Think gentle flirty smiles and dimples.

  • Soft natural make up - think natural and accentuated. Think eyelashes batting and gloss. Think browns and apricots.

What it feels like

  • Acceptance

  • Inner knowing and trust

  • Receptive

  • Soft

  • Fluid and flowing

  • Allowing

  • Nurturing

  • Sensual

  • Empathetic

  • Emotional

  • Subtle and Gentle

  • Motherly

  • Creative

  • Present

  • Feeling

  • Kind

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