Interrupt Your Yelling Technique

Conscious Connection

Connection. Consciousness. Its not as hard as it looks. Its not for just the woo woo. And its not for the rich or just the genius's of the world.

It is for us. The everyday mama. It's super not easy but there will be moments when you feel the connection between yourself and your child, a connection that you know you were both aching for.

So here is the hack, the pattern interruption so that you can stop yelling at your children.

Drop To Your Knees Ladies Please

It is this simple. When you feel yourself about to scream, instantly drop to your knees.

I mean the thing is, you cant yell at your children when you are laughing at your inappropriate knee dropping visuals. Plus it humbles you when you are on your knees.

So the next time you are about to yell at the kids remember to DROP TO YOUR KNEES LADIES PLEASE.

And if you cant or aren't willing to, visualize me on my knees. You are welcome.

April B, Conscious Connections Coach.

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