Using Forgiveness To Get Balance In Life

Forgiveness Is Far More Powerful Than We Realise


It's Sunday late afternoon here in New Zealand. My mood is a tiny bit rainy, a big splash sunny and full of faith like the sun rise. This weekend I've done a bit of journaling, I've written some forgiveness words and I have listed all my current concerns.

I also drew up my holistic wheel of life. What I noticed, is the solution in most boxes for me right now was pause. And the action was "forgiveness letter" and manifestation work. 

As much as some days I feel like the inner work is not practical and I must take more action, I KNOW that energy controls everything. Faith, staying the course and forgiveness.

Let me first give you an overview on what I believe about forgiveness, and then I will speak quickly about the 8 holistic areas of life. 

8 Areas Of Life

A holistic wheel of life is a way of looking at how we can achieve balance in life. The reason I share this with you along with forgiveness is because when I looked at all the concerns in each area of life, I realized each one needed forgiveness work. 

1) Career & Purpose 

2) Finances & Worth 

3) Personal Growth/Development

4) Health & Body 

5) Romance & Love

6) Social & Friendships

7) Attitude & Spirituality

8) Family

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Most psychologists would say forgiveness as a conscious, intentional decision to let go of the feelings that weigh a person down. Feelings of revenge, resentment, hate and/or fear towards things that have happened in the past. 

Forgiveness is not allowing behavior or forgetting what has happened. 

Forgiveness is not lowering boundaries. It is simply an exercise to shift energy, raise vibrations and bring forth change. 

Here are some journal prompts for starting forgiveness work in each area. Do not dive into this work without support. Please. And if you do not heed this warning and find yourself in a hole contact me for a coaching subscription to work through this.

Career & Purpose - What do you wish you had done or had the courage to do now? What are you holding resentment toward.

Finances & Worth - When have you been made to feel small and worthless? How do you feel about the color of your skin? Write a letter to money and tell it how you feel about it. Do you judge yourself for how you have used money in the past and present?

Personal Growth/Development - Do you hold judgement against yourself for not being further ahead? For making decisions you deem stupid?

Health & Body - Have you been overpowered and abused? Do you have anger towards your body for failing you in any way, eg: Infertlity, miscarriage, shape, size. 

Romance & Love - Have you allowed yourself to be abused or misused in the name of love? Have you entered in as a third party to another persons relationship? 

Social & Friendships - Have you harbored resentment towards friends? Do you judge yourself for the way you have treated other friends. 

Attitude & Spirituality - Are you mad at your god or the universe? 

Family - Do you have anger or sadness towards family members? Parents or children? What do you blame your parents for?

Manifesting & Magic

It is important that we know what it is we desire. If we only work on letting go of the past, our brain will not know where we are heading. Program it with what to aim for as well. 

Getting clear prompts and ideas.

Career & Purpose - If you had 3 wishes what would they be?

Finances & Worth - What is the amount of money you desire weekly and yearly, and would would you do with it?

Personal Growth/Development - What do you wish for people to say about you at your funeral?