Ahh this is the most commonly recognised of the Clair family. The ability to see with the minds eye. The 3rd eye generally. Contrary to popular belief I actually don’t have to be in a meditative type space to see. It certainly helps though and its way more fun. Inside my mind I will see entire scenes, much like on a tv program or a static piece of art.

However, unlike art, this picture moves and zooms in to show me special pictures. I will see shapes, colours, symbols, moving light, people alive and not so alive.

I see apparitions inside my mind’s eye yet I’ll know where in the room or area they currently situate. So they don’t appear like ghosts, yet they don’t appear like human bodies. I just connect the image with the sense of where they are. The images are places on this realm or on another realm. For visualisations they are always on another dimension.

I can go into past lives using clairvoyance and sometimes see many many past lives in one healing session. I can see the future playing out, especially when it involves children and the present, for me, is usually shown to me in the form of clairaudience.

Mainly because the present moment is the one in which the person is right in front of me. Makes sense that it’s the past and future I tune into easier, right.

In terms of how much I see, it depends on the person in front of me. If they are open and ready or if they are cautious and just peaking in.

There is no sound in an image. Just like if the tv was turned off. That’s why its super helpful to develop all the clairs, so you can not only have surround sound but you can also feel like you are in the movie, know the characters, have read the script and fuck me, cry on the love scenes and the death scenes.

I suspect a shitton more people are clairvoyant than they realise. I have been this way for a very long time however I didn’t realise that is what it was, and so therefore, did not develop it. The second I was read, boom shuckalucka, away we went.

If you do want to develop your 3rd eye contact me, Ill send you a few questions to ask the universe to get you going.

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