Why Journaling Is Life Changing

Journaling. Visualizing. Planning. Manifesting. Why do it?

We all hear people talk about journaling our thoughts. Writing after meditation or before we sleep. Having dream diaries. Writing letters that we never send.

Writing to someone as if there really was someone.

Let me share with you a couple of reasons why journaling is one of the first things I would invite you to do when you are experiencing resistance to transition into a different phase of life.

1 - A problem shared is a problem halved. Through expressing all our issues unfiltered, uncensored and without judgement onto piece of paper we feel heard. We have allowed ourselves freedom of truth. And there is no risk of consequence, judgement or reaction. We can now see the mess for what it is.

2 - Once we have allowed the predominant emotion to be expressed, we have allowed room for the more gentle emotions to be expressed. In here is where we start to hear what it is we are really looking for. What it is we are really wanting.

3 - Moving something from your mind, through our hands is one way to get into your heart. Now that we have an idea of what we are looking for we get to begin to answer questions. Such as, what sort of career would make me happy? What sort of characteristics do I desire in a partner? You see, once we have allowed expression of our thoughts we activate our logical brains.

4 - Planning. Now that we have an idea of what it is we desire in life, we can begin to make small habits that move us closer to living that sort of life. Drink an extra glass of water a day. Do 5 minutes of yoga 5 days a week. Buy natural shampoo. We now have the capacity and the calm about us to make the plans.

5 - Continual journaling will continue to remove the gunk and keep us coming back into our hearts. This is what allows us to continue to DO. Which, is manifestation.

Give it a try. Try it for 7 days. Block out 5 minutes a day to begin with. Then slowly find the time to go on a rampage if you have alot of unheard thoughts. Ideally, you will team this up with meditation of some kind in time.


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