Retreating gives you permission to pull back and slow down, get inspired, connect with other people, find courage, clarity and a breath of fresh air.

Taking time to retreat from the noisy world allows you to connect back into yourself and FEEL who you really are and what you actually feel like without other energies on you.

Retreating is your opportunity to find spacevoice your musings and find some clarity. We were not wired to be on the go all the time and often consider ourselves useless or weak because we become stressed and don’t deal well with life’s stressors.

Being in a group of other like-minded people brings you strength and rejuvenates your spirit. There is no one telling you who to be at a retreat so you can show up as you please and practise being the you, who you desire to be.

Woman in a cultivated space together naturally provide empathy and kindness. It is a special energy that allows other ‘strong’ woman to show their vulnerabilities and work through the shadows that hold them back.

You will be surprised how many other women have the same thoughts, patterns and fears as you. Knowing that you are not alone is extraordinarily comforting.

Because I work with the magic of the universe these retreats bring you synchronicities and proof that you are not alone in this world and furthermore, you, YOU have a purpose here and your people are calling you to step up and into your divine purpose


A women’s retreat in the NZ Native Bush. How can you give your SELF love, if you have never been shown what that looks like?

If you’re going through transitions in your life and need to make external changes but are unsure of who you really are, and you’re seeking a nurturing space to find the clarity and tools to move forward in your life, than join me and 10 other woman for 2 nights of empathy, magic and sisterhood in the Raglan hills supported by mother nature herself.


For the most of this retreat I will guide you through experiential activities which will allow you to feel in your BODY the actual lessons rather than just learn with your brain.

Experiential activities matter because you make the change whilst at the retreat rather than waiting until you are alone and back in the rat race to try and make the connection. Once you get home, you just integrate and practise.

Workshops - There will be only 2 main workshops. One will be on values and one will be on vision. In between these sessions there will be time for you to sit and process the information and come back and share, so that you are not left overwhelmed and exhausted. This is what is known as BALANCE.

Experiential - Experiential activities are those like guided visualisations, connecting activities, spiritual clearing and energy sessions, yoga and healing sessions. The purpose of this retreat is to guide you inside yourself so you can build trust NOW. Trusting yourself is all you truly need to live the life you dream of living.

Theme - Intuition

WHERE: We will be situated in a secluded valley, located within a half-hour's drive from either Hamilton or Raglan and only two hours’ drive from Auckland, Tauranga or Rotorua.

This retreat space is set up with retreats in mind and we will have exclusive use to the property, rooms and grounds. We will have caterers prepare and deliver our meals for us and we will sit and eat together. Tea and coffee is available to make at any stage of the day.

The space is set for us to dine inside or outside dependent on the weather. There is a wonder filled quiet room that we can make use of to quiet our energy down and beautiful native bush surrounding the property which we can walk through. The workshop room has cushions available and chairs so we can sit comfortably while learning.

WHEN: Friday March the 27th, check in at 3pm and check out on Sunday 29th March 11am.

INCLUSIONS: Your soul just needs you to say yes and then ask for the way and means to make it a reality. What would you be willing to invest into feeling more present in life? Into having more faith in life?

In understanding more about what acceptance really is?

Seriously though, what would you give to be able to connect with yourself and learn how to become more certain of your decisions in life? To not feel so alone? To feel more accepted and understood?

Values & Vision Workshops



Sound healing or similar group activity

Energetic, Intuitive and Healing exercise to release blocks

Sharing circles

Cacao ceremony

Quiet time

Daily visualisation or similar

Something powerful happens when you are sitting in an intimate group with people who all want the same thing as you.

INVESTMENT: As well as being present emotionally, mentally and physically; you are making a financial commitment to being at the Retreat.

All investments include:

Accommodation in a basic room, single beds possibly shared.

Daily Breakfast

Full Lunch

Free parking

Hot drinks and chilled water

Welcome drink

Farewell dinner

Welcome dinner

You will invest $699 after the 14th March, $599 on earlybird or see below for payment plan.

Payment plan options are available. (includes Terms & Conditions & Fees*)Spots are secured once $150 is received*Please note images may not be of the actual venue or locations booked. We are seeking the best possible food, spa and accommodation for your stay.

All that is really left now, is for you to book.

Namaste - April B. xo