WTF is Life Coaching Anyway?

Life coaching is supporting a person to know that they have everything they need within themselves to live a life that they enjoy. It is coming up with tools, systems, programmes and structures that support them while they find the inner confidence, strength and wisdom.

Life coaching guides people with questions so they can identify their weaknesses and come up with their own solutions on how to solve these weaknesses.

Life coaching allows a person a safe space to feel seen, heard and understood soothing the emotional brain which then allows the behavioral part of the brain get to work.

Life coaches will work with a client to assist them to uncover what they truly desire in life and identify what stops them from pursuing this. Uncovers what the values are for that person and encourages them with structure to start to move closer to these visions.

A life coach will remind the client what it is the client has been working towards when the client forgets and serve as non-judgmental and non-bias sounding board.

A life coach will identify weaknesses and suggest what they have identified to the client for the client to consider.

Life coaches offer a variety of working styles. Some work one on one, some face to face. Others in groups or workshops, and some via the internet. There is no one size fits all. Multi media has a huge influence these days and a lot of coaches offer free content and share their personal experiences, trial and triumphs.

A life coach generally has a burning desire to see people fulfilled and living happily and gets great satisfaction seeing people feel more emotionally fulfilled.

A life coach does not offer medical advice or focus on mental health illnesses.

A lot of life coaches have been faced with rock bottom. Have experienced hardships and heartache in their lives and have used this pain and turned it into a way to inspire other people to get through their own rock bottoms. Although some life coaches prefer to work with people more so in a business sense or from going from good, to great. Moving up to the next level.

Either way, what ever niche a life coach operates from the desire is always to support and encourage the client to move up to the next, freer and more fulfilled version of themselves.

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