Channeled Direction Journey Reading + Energy Infused Product

Channeled Direction Journey Reading + Energy Infused Product

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Hey loves, 


INCLUDES A COMPLIMENTARY PROUCT from my "Holding Hands" range of intentionally for you product range. The "intentionally for you" range launches on the 1st June 2020.


Includes a recorded personal guided visualistion so that you can tune into your own guidance and feel better about who you are. 



This service is available for you if you are looking for guidance on how you can take more responsibility in your life to elevate your vibration and walk towards your purpose. This reading is not that sort of reading where I give you concrete outcomes or predictions for your life. I dont do that. 


Once you book in things will start to align for your best growth. 


What I mean by this is that you may notice emotions (energy in motion) rise to the surface. You may start to notice or remember things that you usually don't. 


Ill be tuning in to your guides guidance. During your session I will provide insight and techniques to assist with healing and I will record this and send a link to you when it is ready. 


Most people will have a combination of guides, spirit animals, ancestors, passed loved ones show up to either gawk at me, be with you or assist and guide. 


When you receive the recording I will guide you through what has come up and the energy that has been presented. 


This is divinely guided, as is the music and the atmosphere. 


When the energy slows down and your guides give me the nod I will gently bring you back to your body and the energy will change on the session. 

Please check my youtube video on aftercare.


Every single session is different. 
For that reason I can't paint a picture for you, but what I do know, is the healing happens irrespective. 

If you would like a live reading in which it is done at the time you booked and which you are present in please choose from the other option.



-You will receive your reading within 5 days of your purchase & your product will be shipped out within 24 hours of the recording. Shipping is included NZ only.
-The link with the recordings will be available for 7 days, so do download it if you would like to keep it. 
-Terms and conditions apply as per always
-You take responsibility for your interpretation and how you act based on this session.
-Please connect with me on instagram and do feel free to post a testimonial on my fb page. (Your parenting coach) and or tag me in an instagram stroy.
-Please watch the aftercare video on youtube.


Check the Soul Work tab for more info. 

I appreciate your exchange. 

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