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Moon Energy Spritzer - 2 pack. New and Full Moon


These packs are for those who have contacted me only. Please contact if you wish to purchase.


Okay so you all know the moon has a special sorta feeling to her. She amplifies and brings to the surface many things. She assists with the creating and the letting go. 


These waters will be made by ME and will be intuitevly created each month. The essence, the flowers, the procedure. It will be completly intuited by me as the moon and my guides guide me. 


What you can be sure of is they will be -

  • 50-60ml spritzer bottles. (glass atm but unsure of this due to weight. Feedback appreciated.)
  • They will have an aroma
  • They will have crystal energy infused
  • They will align to the moons energy
  • They will will made with distilled moon water
  • They will be made in 2 batches, the new and the full moon. 
  • They will have an intention loaded in them
  • They will have a blog post relating to the meaning and intention in them, posted at the same time as shipping. 
  • They will be simply packed without beautiful packaging unless they are for zoom sessions. Retailers are welcome to fancy them up with reference to my website. 
  • Addison will have input  - she is very intune with the playful energies.


What and how you can use them

They will be sprays that you can spray around your body and or spaces. Each bottle will tell me if it is for protection, cleansing, manifesting or something else. There is no hard fast rule as the energy will dictate. They will be designed to be used within 6 weeks so ingredients can stay more natural. 


  • To support in a menstrual cycle
  • To use in full moon and new moon rituals
  • To use in daily letting go and manifesting rituals
  • To spritze on your auric feilds
  • To clear or change energy in a space
  • To use as a ritual for connecting or meditation


Thats it for now you guys. I will come back and pretty this page up later, however, it is bed time and tomorrow creation starts for the first new moon in Aries (I am Aries), which is 25th March. 


These 2 pack moon water aura ritual spritzers will be made monthly and be ready to ship out within 48 hours of a full moon. You can find the dates here.


Please choose how many packs you would like, you can choose 1 or more. There is a limit of 19 packs for this first trial round. 


I CAN ONLY SEND THESE ONCE POSTAGE AROUND NZ RESTARTS AND THE BOTTLES SHOW UP. If thats too long, I will make new waters. If you would like a refund, please advise, Ill be happy to do so.









  • Pre-Order Special price info

    Hey people, 

    I appreciate your support and for being beta testers of this magical water and my creation. I am greatful and excited to share these. They have been a long time coming, moon waters are something I have been creating for about 5 years. I just never thought I would share them!

    Here is the deal. This is a trial beta test. You could get a fantastic magical product (fairiy sure) or you could have feedback for me of why it sucked. haha. Doubt it, but thats the risk. 

    I am making a maximum amount of these at this pre-order and monthly I wont go past making 100 sprays. Ideally I will sell to retailers as a wholesale option, around 25-50 duo packs per retailer. And will look at the below pricing

    • Moon zoom session plus spray duo pack - $40
    • 10 packs - $370
    • 25 packs- $875
    • 50 packs - $1500

    All exc of shipping. 

    I would be interested in hearing feedback around size and duo or single. Thank you for having faith in me.

    Now, to get to work!