Spiritual School

Spiritual School


Time for me to teach all the things I've learnt over this time about spirituality.

It is also my gift to you.


To share with you all the things I have learnt along my path, so that you too, can share it with others and make a better future.


7.30pm 3x a week for 4 weeks plus 1 Sunday at the outset. 


Please go to the Spiritual school page to see details.


This is a teaching/coaching style of class. 


Allow about 1 hour for the sessions but a minimum of 45 minutes.

The sessions may be recorded and shared and will be decided on the day.

This is a group program.


Terms are on the website and there is a etiquete yon youtube. Please see HERE


Of course if you would like to go through a private coaching I am still offering 1:1 pricing, for private clients. There is no discount for this program as it is all in, from me, and from you. 


You can book a 1 off power coaching session with a discount coupon. 


You are committing to showing up for YOU.


paypal beingmeinthisworld@gmail.com or into bank account,

April Broomhead, kiwibanking 38-9002-0836398-06


Remember, this is a coaching service not a digital product.


Please add yourself to the facebook group which will be advised on the attached pdf. 





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    Missing sessions is strongly discouraged.

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    Full terms can be found here.

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