TAHI - IWA THE HEALING JOURNEY for souls wanting to feel that spark!

Healing Doesn't Have To Feel So Hard, Lonely & Crazy




Holding a Rose

  Imagine a home where you are able:

✔️To deepen trust your decisions and take your own advice

✔️To become more assertive and cut down complaining

✔️To improve self care routines and learn to put yourself first

✔️ To speak up for yourself, knowing what it is you actually desire

✔️ To stop doing things for others that makes you feel resentful

✔️ To reduce yelling and control tactics and be more empathetic

✔️ To connect deeper with universal energy

✔️To parent more naturally and consciously without worrying what others think

✔️To work more as a family, a team and feel harmonious

✔️To understand what to do when your loved ones are having big emotional outbursts

✔️ To forgive and let go

✔️ To speak nicer to your kids

✔️ To have more fun times with less grumpiness

✔️ To feel the contribution of other people in the home

✔️ To put your relationships before those of people who drain your energy

Flower on Pink

These 9 sacred circles are designed for High achievers who take care of everyone and everything, whose work is never done & nothings ever quite perfect enough and who need somewhere to chillax and be looked after whilst still feeling in control! 

If you are a deeply feeling soul

who is ready to embody and understand the healing journey, to communicate your needs & desires with compassion and confidence, to lead with calmness & patience & to deepen your understanding of emotions & how powerful they are plus

 You already know that you want 2022 to feel different

because you know you want to wake up with more zest, stand up for yourself in relationships, choose for yourself and not worry about consequences so much, stop yelling and stressing at the people you love and just live with a deeper belief that life is for you and not against you.

  Well Whanau, you are in the right place!

The place of nurture, healing, acceptance and most of all, a place to let go and just be inside sacred magic nothingness. A breath, a pause, a top up.



Your little ones need you to model healthy emotion's.

As parents we best teach emotional regulation by how we react and engage with our children, and others, during an emotional outburst.

If we prevent our children from experiencing emotions we limit their learning and growth opportunities.

But if we don't know how to regulate our emotion's, we wont know how to model healthy emotions during our children's outbursts.

Time To Choose Your Option
Your Commitment To Building Your Inner Knowing


Hi I'm April


Hey there, I am April Broomhead, your friendly neighborhood witch, and I have this dream that we can return to our natural states of parenting and raise happier children.


It took me a long time to learn how to empath in a world full of emotions. I was sensitive to pain, every bodies pain and because of that I found myself losing my sense of self, doing what I thought others wanted me to do and becoming who society told me to become.


I am an energy in motion coach who for the past 3 years has specialized in conscious family dynamics, meaning, all the moving parts that make a home a home.


I show people how to use their e-motions as power rather than pain so that parents can stop suffering with mum guilt and children can feel like they are accepted and belong. 

Without safe environment's, we can not prevent the darkness. Stability starts in our homes.


From my lived experience, I have come to understand that confidence isn't learning how to not give a fuck about peoples judgements. Confidence is doing the thing anyway irrespective of whose watching, whose whispering, whose gossiping and whose wanking.

Everybody wants the freedom to express and discover who they are without the fear of abandonment and rejection and confidence allows us to do that.

Its about the happy school mornings, the fun road trips, the help with the housework, the appreciation for the work you do in the home. Right?

Its about letting your little ones tell you about the arguments they had with their friends and being able to support them.


Its about smiling at them and having inside jokes, love and acceptance. Yes?


Its about movie nights and popcorn, mothers day drawings and the moments your heart bursts with pride. 

Its about the everyday magic.

A 6 Month Journey

Loose framework - intuitive design, may change


Organisation is a collection of resources that work together to achieve a common purpose. The common purpose is healthy happy homes.

We create stability through predictable structures. A structure is a frame work that holds things together.


How have you been organising your home, creating safety and stability without knowing your values and those of your family members?

I'm talking about values, vision and identity.

You wouldn't run a business without a business plan, why run a house without one?​

When our foundations are stable we are less likely to crumble under pressure.



We can only love and trust externally to the extent we can love and trust internally.

This module is all about relationships and connections.


How to receive, how to communicate, intimacy, attachment's, love language, friendships and parental relationships are the sort of topics to expect. 

Everything comes down to connections, humans are hardwired to need connection. 

Lets be honest, if we never connect, we would never find happiness. 



Imagine wanting to buy a new lounge suite, a pristine white leather suite that costs 4x more than you have ever paid before. 

It is your dream suite with the perfect cushions. 

Will it fit in the current lounge or will you need to remove your old lounge suite? Or will you try and shove it on top of the old lounge suite and use the old cruddy dirty cushions?

I teach the first option. Lets have a look what crap is under that couch to clean and make sure it doesn't come back.


We make space & we heal. When we are healthier we make decisions from stable places and perspectives rather that from the pain and the mess from the past.


Life Is A Series Of Choices

Research has proven over and over again that children learn how to relate to emotions they experience, by what they see shown to them by us. Another words, it is not monkey hear monkey do.


It's monkey see, monkey be.


If you whine to your mates, nag at your man, expect your parents to help more and feel like you are not in control in your home then perhaps you need help prioritizing & dealing with overwhelm.


Shitty school mornings, stressed out bedtimes, distracting yourself with work or cleaning are sure signs that you are struggling with being present with your children.


If you don't learn to be present and put your children's needs at the top of the list you may be spending your later years worrying about their happiness, feeling mum guilt and struggling with regret.


They need us now.


Join us and Ill show you how to improve the stability in yourself so that you have the space to communicate better and improve the

✔️connection in your home resulting in

✔️better bedtimes

✔️nicer school mornings

✔️more help around the house

✔️and and much more laughter


Spiritual School

Thank you for all that you do! After the session last night, I got my pen to paper and all the feels started to flow through, I then decided to talk about it to my parents and the shift was unbelievable.


The words that came from my parents specially my dad was so uplifting, never thought he would say such things.


My dad had said "Break the cycle, don't carry what isn't yours anymore" and my mum was like saying how proud she is of me to be doing this work.


I feel so free! Like I'm no longer being held down, the chains have broken..



Conscious Homes Student

"Just want to say I’m loving the empathetic parenting one! I don’t have kids but still so relevant and loved the one about getting them to see from your point of view! Very cool"


Parenting Program Student

Your parenting programme has literally changed my life and my ability to be present and show up daily being the best mum I can be that day. These days can vary.


How lucky my future children are because of these 8 weeks!


Looking forward to our last session tomorrow morning.



Conscious Homes Student

“When i was looking for a life coach I knew I needed a great coach, April Broomhead is that person, she is beyond what i could have asked for.


I worked with April Broomhead for a year and her support, wisdom and belief in me was beyond invaluable.


Aprils unique approach to coaching helped me improve my confidence and self-love. Succeeding forward with more love than anxiety in my personal and professional life ”