Hands On Energy Healing

I will channel energy that will support your healing and growth.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 100 New Zealand dollars

Service Description

Holistic healing with me is about allowing what needs to e shifted from your energetic bodies and bringing in and anchoring more light. You need to experience it to know what I mean. If you are feeling confused, lost, bored, stuck, annoyed, frustrated, noisy, misunderstood, sadness or alone, then come in. ​​ Once you book in for your session things will start to align for your best growth. What I mean by this is that you may notice emotions (energy in motion) rise to the surface. You may start to notice or remember things that you usually don't. Behind the scenes Ill be tuning in and out of your guides guidance. In preparation of your session I will do a mini card reading to guide me, set the theme and provide insight. I will usually at this stage choose crystals and or other tools to assist in the session. Most people will have a combination of guides, spirit animals, ancestors, passed loved ones show up to either gawk at me, be with you or assist and guide. I will pass on any messages received to pass on. When you arrive you will come straight in and based on the framework we will get to healing. All the conversation is divinely guided, as is the music and the atmosphere. From here we will talk until I get the nudge to pop you on the bed, at which stage you lay on your back fully clothed. **Please bring a blanky that I can place on you and a pillow.** I'll provide whatever crystals needed on your body. As you settle in I will get started. Usually we start with cleaning and any patterns we need to highlight. This is the part most guidance will come through. At some stage we usually move into relaxation and quiet and we infuse you with more love and light. When the energy slows down and your guides give me the nod I will gently bring you back to your body. We then tie the session up with a mini card reading for guidance and any key points. If we need to do coaching we will do this when and as it is needed. The amount of time you have booked is also a contributing factor in how much we can cover. If you want a fuller experience contact me for a 3 hour slot. From here I bid you farewell and will check in with you within 48 hours. You will automatically get emailed a link to an aftercare video on you tube. Every single session is different. Every single session. Namaste. xo

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are non refundable. Balance must be paid in full prior to, or on the day of session. The price is the amount presented on your payment link and other communication. The refund terms are on the website. Any contract will trump any conflicting terms. All pricing is stated in NZD unless stated otherwise. You may cancel subscriptions with 14 days notice. No shows do not qualify for refunds. Workshop/Retreat and similar programs are generally not refundable within 14 days of event, deposits are non refundable, series are non refundable. Not exchangeable without notice and agreement. In case of covid classes will be moved online.

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