Spiritual School
The light exists in you already, is it time to feel it?
$75 for full access
Schools Objective

Through these teachings you will be able to learn how to understand and apply spiritual work into your life so that you can SERVE the world powerfully, whilst being the everday human that you already are.

Why Spiritual School

Spiritual awakening can feel scary and confusing.


If you ask yourself if this is real or if you are crazy then this program will benefit you.


If you feel different, left out and consider yourself a healer (publicly or undercover) or a light-worker, then this is for you.


My goal is to show you how to connect deeper with your personal gifts whilst keeping yourself grounded, balanced and able.

My Intention

It is as always, simple.


My intention is to show you how YOU can work inside your PURPOSE whilst still having 2 feet on the ground so that you can still be a great mum, partner, friend whilst working inside different energy dimensions and frameworks.


Nobody wants to be the fallen healer.


Are You In?

Are you feeling the call to rise?

Are you searching for guidance, information and connection?

Are you ready to put your hand up and find your place amongst the people working their light?

Ready To Learn?

  • How to acknowledge your KNOWING & access more

  • How to be spiritually hygienic whilst you do your mahi


  • How to use questions powerfully to guide you and those you guide

  • How to quiet the chitter chatter so you can FEEL the energy without thinking you are nuts


"APRIL THANK YOOOU!!!! I loved the reading. There was so much care and love put into it. After reading others all day it was so lovely to hear it all!!!!!

I had so many take aways. I wrote, noted the entire way through haha!!!

And I'll definitely be using this full moooon. I can feel it already!!

Thank you again. So so deeply!! Ill look over the notes again soon. 


"I am so thankful for you and hold you  in the highest regard. Thank you for this reading. As much as I thought I didn't want to do any "work" today (and yes I'm talking inner) it's taken your message for me to realise actually, this IS totally for me TODAY... vision, boundaries, solitude, girl in the mirror practise, self xxx

Thank you a milli, if you don't know already ha!

My night time intention is now set.


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What top 3 topics are you most intersted in?


13 sessions over 29 days

45-60 minute group sessions

We meet via zoom

7:30pm NZ time

Monday, Tuesday & Friday

$79 to access the full program

for All Levels


Spiritual Hygiene

Aura healing


Empath life


Energy in Motion

Chakra sytem




Clair Family


Oracle & Divination

*subject to change

Everthing is energy and we have an opportunity to show our children how to be peaceful warriers, how to work the energy, how to stay tuned in and not hide away their natural knowing.

3 Sessions A Week

Live zoom sessions

Q & A coaching

FaceBook group

Experiential & Transformative


Group settings mean you have access to share and learn off each other also.

I used to think I was here to lead, now I know I am here to BE and facilitate space for our Peaceful warriors.

Attitude of gratitude and how to really feel and acknowledge the great that is happening right here in the PRESENT moment. 

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