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Keep that light from being snuffed out.
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Summer School

Finished Spiritual school, a parenting program, conscious homes or private coaching with me or want to get a taste? Then join summer school and have access to a minimum of 2 interactive zoom sessions per month and any and all pdfs that I share to the school.

We jump straight into the work so if you need to be warmed up please book a deep dive session with me .

Subscriptions can be set and forgot or you can pay per session and join only as you choose. The set and forget priced above per month and the join per session is the same price.

Times will be announced at least 2 weeks in advance, replays will be available for 7 days.

Sessions will run 1 hour unless there are over 25 people at which point it will run for 2 hours. 

All summer school attendees on a subscription will have 5% discount on Intentionally for you products and books.

About Summer School

How would you parent if you were able to respond to your emotions and rise whilste you raise them?


How much more love would you feel with your partner if you were able to speak your truth without projecting and blaming him?

Wht about your parents? Do you wish you could have a deeper relationship with them and feel loved and valued?


If you have done some inner work and want to keep doing this work and become more stable in it and stronger in trusting yourself; then this is the community for you. 


My goal is to keep facilitating the learning space for you with focused sessions and coaching masterminds where you are free to come and go as you please.


Think of summer school as your reminder to keep 2 feet on the ground whilst your head is off in the clouds living your best life. 

No topic will be off topic.


Topic Ideas


Values - what are they, how to align and live into them.

Vision - how to cast a powerful vision that propels you.

Faith - what does this look like for you?

Parenting - empathetic parenting. Dealing with emotions.

Relationships - how to relate to self and others

Boundaries - what are they, how to implement & uphold.

Connection - how to connect with yourself & others

Spirit - Connecting with guides and the likes

Confidence - Living with confidence

Change - how to navigate change

Conflict - how to communicate with love

I'll Respond To Whats Needed Most