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To Build A Home
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You've said you want better relationships, friendships, connections, intimacy and less loneliness & conflict. I hear you. Lets dive into conscious connections, co creation, communication & relating because guess what, families are made through connecting. 

My Intentions

I intend to facilitate learning and energy transformation so that you can see things in a more empowering way allowing you to become more connected, happier, spiritual, patient, kinder and natural. 


"Just want to say I’m loving the empathetic parenting one! I don’t have kids but still so relevant and loved the one about getting them to see from your point of view! Very cool"

-Briar Barry | Conscious Homes Feedback

Wood Frame of House
Conscious Programs

A true intimate connection with ourselves & our loved ones is what truly inspires life.

Conscious Connections is about how we foster deeper connections in all areas of our lives.

Relationships, communication, co-operation & intimacy.

Conscious Homes is creating an environment that fosters happiness and a feeling of belonging.

Structures, time management, contribution, acceptance.


Conscious Parenting is about raising yourself whilst raising your children. It is about healing and growth simultaneously. 

Empathy, healing, growth, love.

Conscious Cosmos is about oneness, knowing that there is somethin bigger than us and that we are the universe out loud.

Spirituality, oneness, universe, energy.

When was the last time you looked into the depths of someones eyes without either one of you squirming away?


Why Consciousness With  April

Going it alone is so last year!

If you feel alone more than once a blue moon, stressed out to the point of withdrawal or yelling, and consider yourself spiritual in some way plus you are looking to make a real change, I made this program especially for YOU!


My goal is to show you how to connect deeper with yourself so that you can have deeper connections with the ones you love, or want to love. 

➻If you have anxiety lets learn presence.

➻If you get overwhelmed lets talk time management.

➻If you struggle to say no then lets learn how to have boundaries.

OCD stopping you from having fun, lets talk surrender.

Intimacy issues in the bedroom, lets talk shame and healing.

➻Everyone else comes first and you have nothing left for you after people pleasing, then let us know what self love really is.


Everybody needs support including mums, especially mums.


“When i was looking for a life coach I knew I needed a great coach, April Broomhead is that person, she is beyond what i could have asked for. I worked with April Broomhead for a year and her support, wisdom and belief in me was beyond invaluable. Aprils unique approach to coaching helped me improve my confidence and self-love. Succeeding forward with more love than anxiety in my personal and professional life ”

-Melissa Barry | Bowen Therapist

Our Framework

There will be homework via transformational exercises and mindful practices.

You will be taught practices, tools and techniques as well as coached to discover deeper understandings of your own.

Each module will have 4 weeks dedicated to it.


We can only love and trust externally to the extent we can love and trust internally.

This module is all about relationships and connections. How to receive, how to communicate, intimacy, attachment's, love language, friendships and parental relationships. 

Everything comes down to connections, humans are hardwired to need connection. 

Lets be honest, if we never connect, we would never find happiness. 

Green House


What holds the house up because without having a solid foundation no matter what we build upon it, it will fall.

What is your inspiration, what is bigger than you, what do you stand for?


Its vision, its values, its truth, its soul, its choosing what to choose and knowing what you do and do not tolerate.

Its boundaries, time management, habits, structure and organisation.

You wouldn't run a business without a business plan, why run a house without one?​


Imagine wanting to buy a new lounge suite, a pristine white leather suite that costs 4x more than you have ever paid before. 

It is your dream suite with the perfect cushions. 

Will it fit in the current lounge or will you need to remove your old lounge suite? Will you want to clean the carpet first, ensure you don't have a kitten to rip it up?

Or will you try and shove it on top of the old lounge suite and use the old cruddy dirty cushions?

I teach the first option. Lets have a look what crap is under that couch to clean and make sure it doesn't come back.


We make space before we get the new suite in and we ready ourselves to love and respect it. 

Letting Go. Forgiveness. Breath. Mindfullness. Closing tasks off. Cleansing.


Lets take the rubbish out and finish off the half arse renos.


When you decide you want to build a house you don't just grab some wood and nails, plants and iron and start whacking shit together do you?

No, you find a house design and if you are lucky enough, you sit with a consultant and ask for bigger wardrobes, higher ceilings and extra power points. 

What do you want it to look like, feel like, sound like, smell like and taste like? This home of yours? Inside and outside?

I really refuse to give you the hammer until you know what it is you are are building, or honestly, you'll be back in 12 months time dissembling your house again. 


Heart space. Spirituality. Awareness. Truth. Courage. Certainty. Direction.

It's not the truth we search for, its the ability to accept it.

Image by Mads Schmidt Rasmussen
Me N Her whispher (18).jpg
Are You In?
  • Are you feeling the call to bring spirituality into your home?​

  • Are you searching for guidance, information and connection?​

  • Are you ready to put your hand up and do the mahi to change your family dyamics?

     Are you ready to learn:

  • How to create space to create?


  • How to be spiritually hygienic whilst you do your mahi

  • How to use questions powerfully to guide you and those you guide

  • How to foster deeper connections?

  • How to prioritise your time?

  • How to empathetically parent?

  • How to know better and do better?


Your Options

New students:

Group only: $58 per week inc 1 off power coaching session & 1 monthly basic recorded reading.

Combo: $112 per week includes 6 1:1 private coaching sessions + group access

Return students:

Group only:  $47 per week & 1 monthly basic recorded reading.

Combo: $112 per week includes 6 1:1 private coaching sessions + group access

*all private coaching sessions must be used within 20 weeks of contract signing. No change of mind refunds. Normal terms apply. Payments must be 2 weeks in advance.


Stuff You Wanna Know


2 Sessions A Week​ - 1 zoom and 1 facebook live

12 sessions over 16 weeks. 3 sessions per 4 weeks.

1x Live zoom session 12.30pm Tuesdays - 2 hours or 7.30pm Thursdays. (To be announced on the week prior)

1 live fb group Q & A Fridays various times

Recordings available for 7 days.

Dedicated private facebook group

1:1 private coaching will need to be booked via my calendar and will be 60min.

New clients must book a power coaching session during month 1 or 2


Everything is energy and we have an opportunity to show our children how to be peaceful warriors, how to work the energy, how to stay tuned in and not hide away their natural knowing.

DSC_2773-2 - Copy.jpg


Being together in a group allows you to learn off other people through observation. 

It also fosters connection as you begin to see you are not alone in this journey.

Group sessions bring more learning and we can use each other as accountability and support. 

About The Perfect Mum Lie

How many of you feel pressured by society to be a perfect mum? How many of you feel like you are being judged on the daily by ‘better’ mums? And how many of you, be honest here, judge other mums on the daily?
So how may of you would like to learn a few tips of how to be the perfect mum in today’s day and age?
Great. If you’re still reading, you must have said yes to the last question!
My name is April and I’m just a girl, a mum, being me in this world. What I want to share with you today is some tools and tips to guide you towards being the mum that you want to be and learning to fuck opinions.
Am I a perfect mum? No. Do I swear? Do I yell sometimes and not listen. Yes. Do I sometimes sleep in and buy an artificial lunch on the way to school? Yes. Shit I even sometime still feed my kid on noodles for dinner. Am I late to assembly’s? Do I spend too much time on my phone? Do I get frustrated and wish there was an off switch on her voice box? Yes. Yes to it all. I am not a perfect mum.

So what. Shoot me. 

You know who I am perfect to? Perfect for?


My kid. That little girl who smiles at me in the morning and says ‘good morning mummy’. The kid who strokes my hair while I’m asleep. The kid who still wants to hold my hand down the street at just under 7 years of age. The kid who will run to hug me and tell me everything will be fine during my long tortuous separation with her father. The girl who taught me that I should be speaking to myself, the way I speak to her. With love.

Yeah, that’s who I’m perfect to. And guess what, that’s good enough for me. And you know how I know that I’m doing a perfect job with her? Well, I quite simply listen.

Me: OMG look at me I’m so fat I look so gross
Addison: Mummy!! You do not look fat and you are not fat.
Me: Do you really mean that?
Addison: Mama, its what’s inside (points to her heart), not what’s on the outside, that matters. (Smiles at me and has doe like eyes).
Fuck yeah I won the parenting jackpot. How lucky am I to get a kid like this?

No. False.

Luck has nothing to do with it. It took 4 years to get pregnant. Lots of trials and tribulations but one thing I have down pact.

I feel my kid. I connect with her on a soul level. I know when she’s hurting. I know when she needs me. And I know when she’s ungrounded.

And that my dears is what I call the perfect parent. ​

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