Know Better,

Do Better

What Feels  Light For You Right Now?




& Workshops

The feeling of being lost and disconnected happens when we are separated, right? When we are


Come on in if you are seeking connection and acceptance mixed with a splash of magic.

Beyond this door you will find group ceremonies, events and workshops that will have you looking towards the girl in the mirror and deepening your connection with source.


Spiritual Mentoring

& Healing

Jump in the little row boat and let me take you on a journey through your own mind.

This is where we do the energy work, visualisations, guidance readings, hands on healings and things of that nature. 

Transformation is the key.

​​You will know this is your door if you can hear the call. 


Must be able to come to Hamilton NZ once per month

Seating Area



Your entire life you have been making stories up inside your head, people pleasing, procrastinating and dreaming of doing more.


Are you committed to diving inside and unpacking your truth? Journey inside your shadows and light? 

I offer relationship coaching, family coaching and private coaching. Come on in!



“When i was looking for a life coach I knew I needed a great coach, April Broomhead is that person, she is beyond what i could have asked for. I worked with April Broomhead for a year and her support, wisdom and belief in me was beyond invaluable. Aprils unique approach to coaching helped me improve my confidence and self-love. Succeeding forward with more love than anxiety in my personal and professional life ”

-Melissa Barry | Bowen Therapist